Michael Tellinger

Michael Tellinger Talks about Levitation

Originally read this article from this website – http://www.theeventchronicle.com/media/informational/michael-tellinger-200000-year-old-levitation-technology/ This is a new video from Michael Tellinger’s 2017 HIDDEN ORIGINS – USA & CANADA tour. It presents the video as the last hour of a 4 hour presentation in which he goes into the new science of sound, resonance, magnetism and SASER technology. Wonderful description by Michael as he presents the mysterious cone shaped and torus tools which were used by the ancient civilizations possibily 200,000 years ago. Things we still do not understand today but are beginning to especially as it connects to our thoughts on gravity. You can visit Michael’s website at the link below and join his mailing list for regular and exclusive updates on the stone circle research in Southern Africa. www.michaeltellinger.com