2022 08 31 Derek Johnson

How can DJT still be President in 2022? An Explanation.

A thanks to a good friend Libertatem One to post this for all to listen. “Anons/patriots know who our real president is. But, it helps to ‘arm’ ourselves with evidence. Veteran describes using military law, regulations, and Executive Orders signed back in 2018 how DJT is still president. Video is full of excellent references and examples. Worth listening to the entire 1.5 hours.” Listen to Derek Johnson, Veteran:

Smile Karma bites

Post Inaugural Crap

So it is now 3hrs after the “inauguration” of an alleged criminal to the highest office of the land. His son, who happens to be under investigation in several countries for racketeering and bribery charges, is wandering around this country. It truly is the land of the free. Free to be liars, cheats, to steal, to kill, to dismiss, to terrorize, to burn down, to libel and many other “freedoms” others of us are not able or wanting to do. Yet for telling truth we have censorship.  We worked to expose problems in government, health, education and social areas and were told to take a back seat.  Now, those that cried fowl using the above freedoms to harrass, lockdown and tear down, they want to be all happy and unified and just make things ‘pleasant’ with glitter and unicorns. They think their sh-t don’t stink. They are now calling to open up from lockdowns hours into presidency like they wanted it all along. Do you have a problem with all this? I do.  They are so transparent in their actions and words … and in their hypocrisy – it’s clear as glass! Just observe over the next hours, days and weeks how hypocritical they are as well as being vengeful, intolerant, mean, lying and bullying.  Take notes as in the end this will not be pretty. Karma has a way of taking you down hard when you least expect it. <que the smile>

Happy New Year 2021

Learning NEW things because OLD ways are not working.

It started a ways back even before September 2001. Things you know weren’t working right and didn’t add up with institutions, government, economy, culture, and social relationships.  It has been a slow but not uneventful process. Learning has benefits – it’s called wisdom.  Life does that for us.  Universe, God, Creator, Jesus, Christ, Mohamed, Buddha whatever you call the Divine has a big hand in it but also requires your participation. Last year 2020 more of the surface and 3D realities came to the forefront – things like friends and family members dying, or health issues as we get older or hitting milestones.  Then throw on top of that the culmination of 4 years of political theater with an election that leaked like a sieve from digital manipulation and fraud.  I am a constitutionalist in case you want to know – most my friends know.  Now if that wasn’t enough, we were thrown a virus.  Yeah a COVID-19, Wuhan, China CCP, black death kind of overwhelming pandemic virus in a propaganda nutshell. Of course people went wild, edicts, lockdowns, lack of truthful reporting much less actual knowledge of a virus and how it worked. I’m on the naturopathic side myself. Yeah all that created a crappy mess that we actually lived through in 2020. But since around November 3, 2020 again a pivotal moment, things have ramped up in all kinds of energy.  Not necessarily good but yet sometimes you learn from history a fire burns away the crap for really great things to happen.  I welcome a new year and I imagine it will be wild!  Hang on and get your meditations (or if you prefer medications) ready and breathe deep – 2021 is here!