“Things that excite you aren’t random.

They are connected to your purpose.

Follow them.”


Smile Karma bites

Post Inaugural Crap

So it is now 3hrs after the “inauguration” of an alleged criminal to the highest office of the land. His son, who happens to be ...
Happy New Year 2021

Learning NEW things because OLD ways are not working.

It started a ways back even before September 2001. Things you know weren’t working right and didn’t add up with institutions, government, economy, culture, and ...
Michael Tellinger

Michael Tellinger Talks about Levitation

Originally read this article from this website – http://www.theeventchronicle.com/media/informational/michael-tellinger-200000-year-old-levitation-technology/ This is a new video from Michael Tellinger’s 2017 HIDDEN ORIGINS – USA & CANADA tour. ...

OK I took a Hiatus – Happy New Year

I welcome you back. Just needed to take a break. There are so many new and interesting things coming up on the radar that are ...

Last Post

Sorry I will be closing down this blog. A New Way of Living will be moving on and doing different things. Thanks for reading! Bye ...