Happy New Year 2021

Learning NEW things because OLD ways are not working.

It started a ways back even before September 2001. Things you know weren’t working right and didn’t add up with institutions, government, economy, culture, and social relationships.  It has been a slow but not uneventful process. Learning has benefits – it’s called wisdom.  Life does that for us.  Universe, God, Creator, Jesus, Christ, Mohamed, Buddha whatever you call the Divine has a big hand in it but also requires your participation. Last year 2020 more of the surface and 3D realities came to the forefront – things like friends and family members dying, or health issues as we get older or hitting milestones.  Then throw on top of that the culmination of 4 years of political theater with an election that leaked like a sieve from digital manipulation and fraud.  I am a constitutionalist in case you want to know – most my friends know.  Now if that wasn’t enough, we were thrown a virus.  Yeah a COVID-19, Wuhan, China CCP, black death kind of overwhelming pandemic virus in a propaganda nutshell. Of course people went wild, edicts, lockdowns, lack of truthful reporting much less actual knowledge of a virus and how it worked. I’m on the naturopathic side myself. Yeah all that created a crappy mess that we actually lived through in 2020. But since around November 3, 2020 again a pivotal moment, things have ramped up in all kinds of energy.  Not necessarily good but yet sometimes you learn from history a fire burns away the crap for really great things to happen.  I welcome a new year and I imagine it will be wild!  Hang on and get your meditations (or if you prefer medications) ready and breathe deep – 2021 is here!